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    Pc Gold Rush Geodes

    Bust open learning and see the sparkle of discovery and excitement. Dusty, odd shaped, and normal looking with no real hint of gold, these geodes prove true to the saying, its not whats outside, but whats inside that counts. Anticipate the sparkle. Shining gold awaits. Mined from areas where prehistoric volcanoes erupted, Geodes are not something youll find everyday or everywhere. They are especially remarkable wonders of our planet. Following prehistoric volcano eruptions, air bubbles became trapped inside solid rock as the lava cooled. Over millions of years, minerals inside these pockets slowly grew into glimmering crystals or, as in this case, shining pyrite. Grab a hammer and get to work. Seven geodes are yours for the breaking. Smash them open and dazzle your eyes with gold. What are geodes? How are they formed? What is Fools Gold? Are their different types of geodes? Children open the illustrated Adventure Guide and learn a gold rush of information on geodes. An Activity Booklet furthers knowledge through puzzles, games and challenges.