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    Toy Story

    The unforgettable 1995 animated adventure film, produced by Pixar and directed by John Lasseter is still a must watch for any kid. it was distributed solely by Walt Disney Pictures. Tom Hanks gave voice for Woody the plastic cowboy while Tim Allen amused us as space ranger Buzz Lightyear. But, it has also got a character for adults in a twisted way. Do you remember that toy with bare legs and a hooker replacing her upper body? Yes, you got it right; there is a hooker in childrens film for adult entertainment for those toys. As an interesting fact, we can see that while Woody is a regular toy, his mouth alternates between closed and smiling to partially open. Moreover, theres a part of the splendid Pixar sequel Toy Story 2 in which Star Command space ranger Buzz Lightyear gets the toy equivalent of an erection. During the scene where Buzz is introduced to cowgirl Jessie when shes just leaping around Andys room, Buzz stares at her while his eyes pops out due to excitement. And suddenly, his wings pop up and start flashing. There is no better way to show the plastic toys getting ?turned on than this.