IQ Puzzles 03
IQ Puzzles 03
Answer of previous Puzzle 1:
In each row, add the left and the right hand numbers and divide by 2 to get the central value.
Answer of previous Puzzle 2:
In each row, add the numerical value of the left and centre letters to give the right hand letter.
Answer of previous Puzzle 3:
Each row, column and diagonal adds up to 15.
Answer of previous Puzzle 4:
Add the numerical values of each pair of letters and write the answer, as two separate digits in the boxes underneath.
Answer of previous Puzzle 5:
Working clockwise around each star, letters increase in steps given by the numerical value of the central figure.
Answer of previous Puzzle 6:
Letters advance in steps of 12, returning to the start of the alphabet after Z.
Answer of previous Puzzle 7:
In columns, add the numerical value of the top and middle letters to give the bottom letters.
Answer of previous Puzzle 8:
In each triangle, add the lower two digits and multiply by the top digit to give the value in the centre.
Answer of previous Puzzle 9:
In each line, the central number equals the left hand number and double the right hand number.
Answer of previous Puzzle 10:
Going clockwise around each square, the letters increase in value in steps presented by the central square.
Answer of previous Puzzle 11:

Working in rows, the central figure is made from super-imposing the left and right hand figures.
Answer of previous Puzzle 12:
As you go down, subtract the sum of the separate digits in each number from itself to give the next number.
Answer of previous Puzzle 13:
In each row, from left to right, the black circle moves clockwise around each corner, the hash moves one place down and the triangle moves anticlockwise around the central 4 squares.
Answer of previous Puzzle 14:
Add the top figures together, then the bottom ones. The central figure is the difference between these two answers.
Answer of previous Puzzle 15:
Answer of previous Puzzle 16:
Starting on the left, double each number and add two to give the value in the corresponding segment in the circle to the right.
Answer of previous Puzzle 17:

Answer of previous Puzzle 18:
All vertical and diagonal lines through the centre add up to 14.
Answer of previous Puzzle 19:
In each circle, the sum of the odd numbers plus one equals the sum of the even numbers.
Answer of previous Puzzle 20:
Starting at 3 and moving clock-wise, double the preceding number and subtract 2.
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